November 28, 2016


Below are links to product support pages:

RK-002 / Active MIDI cable

General RK-002 Firmware update page

Volca Sample firmware settings page
Arpeggiator firmware settings page
MIDI->Sync firmware settings page

The MOD(former FM) firmware has free parameter mapping but here are some templates for controlling various synthesizers with the MOD Firmware so you don’t have to figure out those SysEx commands for that yourself:
volca FM controller template
volca Kick controller template
volca Keys controller template
Roland Boutique range controller template

RK-003 / Passive Mixer

Build Manual

RK-004 MIDI/Sync Hub

Online settings manager page
Download the RK-004 enclosure STL Model file
The enclosure goes together with the RK-402 Aluminium frontpanel.
Info on using the RPi as USB host or sequencer master is on this page

You can also download the RK-004 settings app for offline use:
Click here for the app on the Android Play store
Click here to get the app on the iOS App store

RK-005 USB Standalone Host / Class Compliant MIDI Interfaces

Online settings manager page

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