RK-002 Cable

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The RK-002 converts incoming MIDI data and tailors it to expand the interconnectivity of various MIDI devices like the volca Sample, FM, Kaossilator and Roland boutiques

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Product Description

The RK-002 ‘Smart MIDI cable’ has already found it’s way in various setups, not just for the volca Sample. It looks like a +/-1.5m ordinary male-male MIDI-cable but has a microprocessor on board which ‘bends’ midi data on the fly. Read more about the RK-002.


Firmware flavours available for the Volca FM, Volca Sample or even an Arpeggiator; Applicable for a wide range of synths which lack this functionality.

Additional Information

Weight 0.83 kg
Dimensions 10 x 15 x 1 cm


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