With a trackrecord in smart connecting MIDI devices we can now present the next BIG milestone in MIDI hubs: the RK-006!

The RK-006 proves indispensable in Desktop/Mobile Music. Why? Here's a quick rundown:


Using TRS-MIDI the RK-006 is the most compact and powerful USB MIDI Interface / USB Host at the size of a matchbox! (70x55x18mm)
2 Isolated MIDI IN buses and 10x MIDI OUT. This means the ability to merge keys and controllers to 10x16 individual addressable MIDI Channels!


Tapped tempo master, (multi)clock modifications plus channel filtering on each out-port to iron out your MIDI setup connection issues. Firmware updateable via web.

Another bonus? Each of these ports can also be configured to send run/stop or gate trigger signals instead of MIDI so you can combine MIDI with e.g. Pocket Operators or DINsync equipment.


Unlike other interfaces you don't need a computer to use our RK-006 USB MIDI Hub:
You can also power the RK-006 from a 5V USB adapter, still using all the functionalities in your portable setup

And - last but NOT least - : You can connect an ACA USB hub on the RK-006 and host and interconnect multiple USB-MIDI devices and play SMF MIDI files from a USB stick! This is... erh.. a BIG DEAL!


The RK-006 is planned for release soon.
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ultra SMALL, ultra SMART!