Korg Volca Sample Firmware for the RK-002

NOTE: This settings page is for the legacy KVS firmware on the RK-002, first released in 2016.
Newer firmware on the RK-002 can be managed via the DUY Exchange Portal
If you're reading this message the MIDI system is not properly initialized. Probably you did not allow MIDI access, are not using Chrome or don't have the Jazz-plugin fallback installed (or you are on a mobile device) Please install the Jazz-plugin from here: jazz-soft.net Or enable plugin access and try a refresh.

Desktop MIDI Interface

Select MIDI Out interface:
Select interface
Reset to factory settings

RK-002 Firmware updater is located here

Note: Devices like the Arturia Keystep/Beatstep pro are showing up like MIDI devices but they do not pass MIDI SysEx messages thus can not be used to update/set the RK-002

Select interface
Select firmware:
RK-002 Volca Sample

RK-002 Keyboard mapping

MIDI response channel:
Select MIDI channel
Sample control basekey
* GM mapping is from firmware 30 and up.
Chromatic control basekey*
Select basekey
Chromatic Sample Channel Lock
Sample Channel:

RK-002 Performance mapping


If you want to create your own controller you can read the RK-002 Sysex documentation

Since the webMIDI is still a but dodgy on different browsers we have also created a few sysex files with commands you would like to use on the RK-002, for example the 'set midi channel' command. This .zip file contains a series of sysex files you can play with e.g. MIDIOX (PC) or Sysex Librarian (Mac)