Korg Volca Sample Firmware for the RK-002

If you're reading this message the MIDI system is not properly initialized. Probably you did not allow MIDI access, are not using Chrome or don't have the Jazz-plugin fallback installed (or you are on a mobile device) Please install the Jazz-plugin from here: jazz-soft.net Or enable plugin access and try a refresh.

Desktop MIDI Interface

Select MIDI Out interface:
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Reset to factory settings

RK-002 Firmware updater is located here

Note: Devices like the Arturia Keystep/Beatstep pro are showing up like MIDI devices but they do not pass MIDI SysEx messages thus can not be used to update/set the RK-002

Select interface
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RK-002 Volca Sample

RK-002 Keyboard mapping

MIDI response channel:
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Sample control basekey
* GM mapping is from firmware 30 and up.
Chromatic control basekey*
Select basekey
Chromatic Sample Channel Lock
Sample Channel:

RK-002 Performance mapping


If you want to create your own controller you can read the RK-002 Sysex documentation

Since the webMIDI is still a but dodgy on different browsers we have also created a few sysex files with commands you would like to use on the RK-002, for example the 'set midi channel' command. This .zip file contains a series of sysex files you can play with e.g. MIDIOX (PC) or Sysex Librarian (Mac)