Arpeggiator Firmware for the RK-002

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Desktop MIDI Interface

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RK-002 Arpeggiator

RK-002 Firmware updater is located here

RK-002 Keyboard mapping

MIDI response channel:
Select MIDI channel
ARP basekey (default=C3)
Select octave

NOTE: Setting MIDI channel and hot key can also be done with the following procedure:
  • Keep a key on the synth pressed before plugging in the RK-002 and if it’s connected, release the key within three seconds.
  • The key you release is the command hotkey of the arp, the midi channel is also set according to this key.
  • Be sure to drain the cable’s power before doing this (it will run on internal power for a while after you disconnect it).
See also this movie on instagram



C + C#           (hotkey+1)        = arp on/off
C + D / C + D#   (hotkey+2 and 3)  = arp pattern up/down/updown/rnd
C + E            (hotkey+4)        = tap tempo (if not following midi clock)
C + F / C + F#   (hotkey+5 and 6)  = octave - / +
C + G / C + G#   (hotkey+7 and 8)  = arp gate time
C + A / C + A#   (hotkey+9 and 10) = note division
C + B            (hotkey+11)       = hold key on/off

tempo settings:
TAPTEMPO + ARP-mode_down                = BPM -1
TAPTEMPO+ ARP-mode_up                   = BPM +1
TAPTEMPO+ ARP-mode_down +ARP-mode_up    = BPM 120
TAPTEMPO+ octave_down                   = BPM -10
TAPTEMPO+ octave_up                     = BPM +10
TAPTEMPO+ octave_down + octave_up       = BPM 120

example: set 143 bpm

step1) HOTKEY + TAPTEMPO + ARP-mode_down + ARP-mode_up --> tempo 120
step2) HOTKEY + TAPTEMPO + octave_up                   --> tempo 130
step3) HOTKEY + TAPTEMPO + octave_up                   --> tempo 140
step4) HOTKEY + TAPTEMPO + ARP-mode_up                 --> tempo 141
step5) HOTKEY + TAPTEMPO + ARP-mode_up                 --> tempo 142
step6) HOTKEY + TAPTEMPO + ARP-mode_up                 --> tempo 143

- hotkey+12 = local_off
If you set local off once and save the settings  (=hotkey+24) it will be sent automatically the next time the cable is connected
(+/- 3s after powering up to give the synth some time to boot)

- hotkey+13 = local_on
send ‘local_on’ midi message (will not be send on startup)

- hotkey+24 = store params  (two octaves above the hotkey)
current arp settings are stored, a short melody will be sounded to acknowledge