RK-004 Quick Manual

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Here’s some info about the basic operation of the RK-004 – next stop we’ll explain some more advanced features.

SIDE USB for power and USB-data-through only
Power the RK-004 via the computer on the micro-USB, loop the USB-A on the side through to a USB device and you will still be able to control it.

TOP USB is power only
Connect 5v powered devices here Powering from mobile power pack? Power consumption of the RK-004 is very low, most battery-packs will auto-shut down so if you’re using a battery like this, plug in some extras.

Default settings
All MIDI ports auto-out, sync ports in ‘volca mode’. Change settings via the configurator app or on our website here
NOTE: Once a port switched to MIDI-in, it will stay that way during the session.

Using the configurator, connect the audio out of the PC (or mobile phone/tablet) to the RK-004’s sync in/ACI port (Audio-Control-Interface) and select the behaviour you want (tempo settings and such) The RK-004 will display a small led pulse if the configuration is received properly, if it does not, you might need to adjust your sound level on the PC/Mobile. (On e.g. iPhone, the audio level needs to be around 90%)

The RK-004 is also completely configurable via MIDI System Exclusive messages. The implementation can be found here.

Tap the button for at least 4 times and the RK-004 will generate a clock signal on sync and midi.

Press button 3 sec

Press button 9 sec

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