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The RK-003 is a stereo (audio) mixer which you can use in your mobile setup.

Features are:

  • No batteries (Passive mixer)
  • Small Raspberry Pi Zero footprint
  • DIY Kit (optional assembly)

‘Passive mixer’ means there is no built in amplifier and although there is volume drop on this system when you mix all channels together; We thought the fun factor is very high anyway.

Just crank up your amp a bit more and connect your Volca’s, Pocket Operators, Boutiques, Nintendo’s, iPhones,.. or any device you’d like to use to jam away.

Also see Jakob Haq’s brilliant on Youtube.


If you have a 3D printer and want to print your own enclosure you can download the .STL model below. If you want a professional SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) print made then this model is also available at Shapeways – (euhrm.. I can imagine not all of you have these machines at home…) You can choose a variety of colours and materials.

View the complete enclosure in 3D

Download the RK-003 STL Model file

Buy the SLS Model from Shapeways

For the aluminium frontplate (RK302) there is also a 3D Model available which you can use to complete the enclosure:

View the RK-302 lower enclosure part in 3D

Download the RK-302 lower enclosure STL Model file

If you have a plotter or small laser cutter – or just want to measure the dimensions to drill your own panel/enclosure, here is a .PDF file for download which will help you along:

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