Remember having 1-color graphics on your computer or even your phone? Looking back they were kind of cool and it certainly is a specific form of art creating good graphics for them.

About a year ago we started working on an experimental firmware version for the RK-002 which applies to this, just a side project – fun stuff. It is a bit of a strange concept, but the idea is to have a very lo-tek B/W video generator with you which you can power – and control from a MIDI device. Just by adding two resistors to the output of the RK-002 you can generate a low resolution (96×64) B/W video signal.

Our visit to the Superbooth this year has shown us that this does trigger one’s imagination so we’ll put it online very soon. In the meantime you can see a small video animation which powers the RK-002/VID from just a Volca Keys running a sequence on MIDI out.

The circuit to connect the RK-002 to CVBS video is just all too simple, see this picture: